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Movement Director

 "And it’s clear that the show’s French-Japanese movement-director Namiko Gahier-Ogawa has put everyone on stage through some rigorous training in the language of Japanese theatrical gesture: we feel this most intensely with the characterisation of Cio-Cio San’s family, with Barnaby Rea’s magnificently forbidding Bonze, and with the characterisation of Cio-Cio San herself." (The Independant, UK)



"Higgins also reminds us and holds in our mind that Cio-Cio-San is a dancer, Namiko Gahier- Ogawa’s movement working well in context." (Opera Today, UK)



« Some of the highlights include FUNK-- a dance act featuring six of Europe's best funk dancers at the Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre  - Eithne Kane, Jenny Ecke, Namiko Gahier Ogawa, Rita Pinheiro, Vasiliki Stasinaki»

(Herald Tribune, Ireland)

Namiko Gahier-Ogawa | Movement Director, Choreographer, Dancer 

2014 January: Masterclass with Carolyn Carlson

Masterclass with Carolyn Carlson at Atelier de Paris + public presentation at Théâtre du Chaudron, La Cartoucherie

Absolutely inspiring to know her. 
Intense week of practice, improvisation, poetry and philosophical debates. 

"To sight we remain hidden

We are the unfolding of the lily

Ripping flower from sten

Prowling the kosmos."

Carolyn Carlson. "Inanna"


Carolyn Carlson

2014 January : Creation Jazz and Dance - Collaboration Namiko Gahier-Ogawa with Composer Dominique Fillon

Dominique Fillon presents new album and jazz band at the Atrium de Chaville / Creation Solo Dance by Namiko Gahier-Ogawa

Start the year with groove!

Saturday January 25, 8:45 p.m. at the Atrium of Chaville: OPEN STAGE jazz pianist Dominique Fillon.
I will dance 3 soli accompanied by Fred Soul / Percussion, Laurent Vernerey / bass guitar, Sylvain Gontard / trumpet, Jean-Marc Robin / Battery.
Special Guests: Akemi Fillon (violin), Nicole Slack Jones (vocals) and Ousman Danedjo (vocals, guitar).

2013 July: Festival d'Avignon with Bando Sengiku Company

Festival d'Avignon / Performances of Chushingura
with Bando Sengiku Company from Tokyo, traditional japanese dance and contemporary dance

Bando Sengiku, danseuse et choregraphe de danse traditionnelle japonaise - Nihon Buyo - issue de la prestigieuse lignee de la Tradition Bando, revisite le mythe du Chushingura. 

A l’origine, l’histoire des 47 ronin est une histoire vraie devenue legende et un genre artistique tres populaire : Un seigneur se donne la mort selon le code d’honneur du Bushido.

2013 May-June: Movement Director at Opera Holland Park, London

May 2013 - Movement Director at Opera Holland Park, London


    Review by Michael Church, 13th June 2013
"...And it’s clear that the show’s French-Japanese movement-director Namiko Gahier-Ogawa has put everyone on stage through some rigorous training in the language of Japanese theatrical gesture: we feel this most intensely with the characterisation of Cio-Cio San’s family, with Barnaby Rea’s magnificently forbidding Bonze, and with the characterisation of Cio-Cio San herself.

May 2016 - Movement Director at OHP - London

May 2016 - Movement Director at Opera Holland Park - London

Opera IRIS by Pietro Mascagni -

Conductor - Stuart Stratford
Director - Olivia Fuchs
Designer - Soutra Gilmour
Lighting Designer - Mark Jonathan
Chorus Master - Nicholas Jenkins

June 7, 10, 14*, 16, 18 at 7.30pm

New production by Opera Holland Park, Opera in three acts
Sung in Italian with English surtitles, Libretto by Luigi Illica,

With the City of London Sinfonia

2016 - Création 'Comme une Estampe' - Cie Sophie Blet

2016 - February - Creation 'Comme une Estampe' 

A powerful and epic journey in the world of the japanese bestuary - the Yokai. Creation : Sophie Blet / Scenography : Pauline Penelon
Carte Blanche Japon : Espace Beaujon, 208 Rue du FaubourgSaint-Honoré, 75008 Paris - Credit pictures Thomas BOIVIN



2015 - Videodance with Singer Ousman Danedjo - KOUMA

2015 - Videodance - Singer Ousman Danedjo - KOUMA Song

Song KOUMA, in bambara (Senegal) by Ousman Danedjo -

Director, Alessandro Brossolet 

We performed and filmed at Centre du Marais, with break dancer Salomon Asaro 

Kouma : "Quand nos fleuves se rencontrent / Ils ne forment plus qu'un / Quand nos causes se rencontrent, elles ne font qu'une."


2015 - June - Performance Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

2015 - June 10th - Performance at Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature / Paris


Ruben Fuentes Gonzales, painter from Cuba, sold his piece "L'Ours Paysage" to the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. At this occasion, we were invited by the director to perform "LA DANSE VEGETALE, accompanied by australian guitarist Scott Koehler. 

We made a reference to Mallarmé's masterpiece "Un Coup de Dés Jamais n'Abolira le Hasard" : the public would throw 2 dices, one pictural, one metaphorical, and sumi-e painting, dance and music would mingle in 3 sets of 10 minutes, improvising and

2015 - Jan/Fev/March : LIGHTDANCE Project - Residency at Chalet du Lac

2015 - Jan/Fev/March : Choreography and Direction of LIGHTDANCE Project - Residency at Chalet du Lac /

Compagnie Yumé Arts, Paris.



2014 Winter Residence Micadanses - Compagnie Liocorno

2014 Winter - Dance Creation Resicency at Micadanses / Company LIOCORNO 

After shooting in June 2014 the short movie "Les Chimères ou Les Hommes en Creux", directed by Juliette Morel and Nicolas Bonilauri, we are in residency to create the stage version of 'Les Chimères' at Centre Micadanses, Paris. Choreography based on the poem of Baudelaire 'Chacun sa Chimère' - Petits Poèmes en Prose, 1869.

First public presentation on the 27th of November 2014, at Micadanses, Paris.

Trailer is on the way.

2014 April/May - Movement Director at the Scottish Opera - Madama Butterfly

Movement Director at the Scottish Opera - Madama Butterfly

Conductor : Marco Guidarini  / Derek Clark (31 May, 12 June)
Original Director / Sir David McVicar
Revival Director / Elaine Kidd
Designer / Yannis Thavoris
Original Lighting / Paule Constable
Revival Lighting / Robert B Dickson
Movement Director / Namiko Gahier-Ogawa
The critics on Scottish Opera’s Madama Butterfly – McVicar’s production

‘The revival team has ensured that the production has remained true to the original, yet the eye-catching additional

Project "Bodies in Urban Spaces" / Willie Dorner

Project "Bodies in Urban Spaces" / Willie Dorner, Austrian choreographer

- Dancer in urban spaces

The outdoor performance ‘Bodies in Urban Spaces’ by Austrian choreographer Cie. Willi Dorner is a moving trail, choreographed for a group of dancers. The performers lead the audience through selected parts of the public and semi-public spaces of Strijp S. A chain of physical interventions setup very quickly and only existing temporarily, alows the viewer to perceive the same space or place in a new and different way.


2013 June: Le Petit Festival du Théâtre

(Credit Photo / Zeljko Tutnjevic)

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre 2013, Dubrovnik
Performances of Notes from the Underworld, Dance-Theatre, Live Music and Video.

We always go back to the myths because they are universal, containing timeless truths about mankind.
Based on the seasonal myth of Persephone abducted by Pluto into the Underworld, Notes from the Underworld develops another view of the Greek tale, in which a contemporary heroine decides to explore her psyche, going deeper down into labyrinthian caverns and sinuous waters, in an attempt to discover the sacred dimension of life.

Flashmob Dominique Bagouet

Flashmob Dominique Bagouet

Flashmob in tribute to the great choreographer Dominique Bagouet at Place du Palais Royal, in front of Musée du Louvre.

Masterclass with Damien Jalet at L'Atelier de Paris of Carolyn Carlson

2012 November

L'Etre Rêvé - Movie

- Presentation at Le Palais de Tokyo and Le 104 of the movie L'Etre Rêvé, by Tito Gonzalez and Laurent Derobert. Participation to the movie. Shooting at Père Lachaise Cemetery and Louvre.
Shooting of the videoclip "Fly away" by director Eric Joubert. Song by french folk singer Moon Rambler.
Debut album released the 11th of January 2012.

All songs and lyrics by Yannick Boissel (Moon Rambler). All music composed and arranged by Yannick Boissel, except : bass guitar in "My star" (Nelson Hamilcaro), harp in "Neptune" (Marine Bailleul),

2012 September

FUNK at Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin, Ireland

Namiko Gahier-Ogawa performed for the second time within the Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre Company, this time at the Dublin Fringe Festival, in the Samuel Beckett Theater of Trinity College. The soundtrack of FUNK was made of various artists compiled by Helen Sharp / George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Gloria Walker, Castor Pollock, Sly and the Family Stone.

With a cast of 6 international dancers and 1 wicked DJ, FUNK was created in 2011. Presented to a wonderful mix of classic and contemporary funk music, the performance takes place in

2012 August

Video-dance RISING

- Paris: Editing of the Video-dance RISING, directed by video artists Eric Joubert and Julien Joyeux-Vittoriani, Shooting in studio.
Make-up artist Marie Viat.
Ps / Improvisation around a magical creature, transforming herself and the world around ; expect some special effects by the video master, and the simple effect of my wicked eyebrow...
Video soon with the make-up by Marie Viat.
- Bourgogne: Open-air Festival La Scène Faramine, Choreographer for L’Entretien

2012 July

Kabuki Dance

- Japan, Tokyo: Solo of Nihonbuyo - Kabuki Dance, KOTO 5, Japanese traditional dance of Kabuki, Bando Style, in the Westin Hotel of Ebisu. Private workshops with Master Bando Sengiku.
- Festival d'Avignon: Coordnation and Performances of the piece "L'Eté Chushingura", with Bando Sengiku, master of Nihonbuyo from Tokyo.
Paris: Editing of the Video-Dance PEGASE, by video artist Julien Nesme, shooting at La Maison des Arts de Créteil (MAC).
Ps / We used the song of Thomas Fersen, PEGASE, during the few hours of video-shooting around a hanging light bulb,

2012 June

Le Petit Festival of Dubrovnik

- Croatia, Dubrovnik: Le Petit Festival of Dubrovnik - Japan meets Croatia
Choreography for the opening night with fashion designer Blazenka / Yohji Yamamoto. 




- Croatia, Dubrovnik: Photo shooting with photographer Zeljko Tutnjevic at Kupari.
Ps / My second contact with the heavy war’s history of Dubrovnik ; we took the pictures in an abandoned, still majestic 5 stars hotel devastated by bombing, with walls riddled with bullets, scattered shards of glass all over the floors.

2012 May


- Paris: New trailer of NOTES FROM THE UNDERWORLD made with Ada and Gala Martinoia.
Ps / Please, send me some comments about this trailer, I continue producing it and I always need some help to find corresponding festivals to this piece, or theatres who could welcome us in 2013. It’s been a long process building up this piece, step by step, without funds: it’s a special piece of work, an intimate ovni.
- Bourgogne: Rehearsal residency at La Cité de la Voix in Vezelay for

2012 April

Marie Chouinard

Dance article about director and choreographer Marie Chouinard : 
“The Happy peculiarity of Marie Chouinard” (Go to "Publications")
Paris: Editing of short film on EMOTIONAL REALISM, directed by Danish artist Augusta Atla, Gestes de femmes”, shooting in La Cité des Arts.
Ps / New editing on the way, by Augusta Atla, who will have soon her “Carte Blanche” exhibition in the Museum of Copenhagen. She makes researches on the female gender through history, images : 
“Beyond the power struggle, the greatest freedom comes from the awareness of one’s capacity to

2012 March

Amsterdam performance of NOTES FROM THE UNDERWORLD

Amsterdam: Performances at the Bethanienklooster of NOTES FROM THE UNDERWORLD - A journey in the uncharted territories, with pianist and composer Gary Goldschneider. 
Pluridisciplinary creation of Yumé Arts Company and Sunshower Productions, with extracts of Beckett, Conrad, Wordsworth, Lorca, Herrick.
Amsterdam: Rehearsal residency at CREA.
Thank you!